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.sinking in the move-too-quicksand.
these boxes are befuddling my task of intangibility
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24th-Jul-2020 08:49 am(no subject)
oh woe is me
I'm taking part in 100originalfics. The Table will be updated as I go along.

The table is hiding here.Collapse )

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19th-Nov-2011 11:59 pm(no subject)
oh woe is me
Skyrim is really fun.
24th-Apr-2010 08:57 pm(no subject)
oh woe is me
I've moved my journal related crap to my writing blog, to_conjure. So...uh...yeah.
17th-Dec-2009 07:20 pm - My current state in 4 sentences
Bummed Beetle
Have a good job. Got a chinchilla. Had a breakdown. Got better.
4th-Nov-2008 07:11 pm(no subject)
oh woe is me
So, I voted.

What a pain in the ass.

The woman at town hall told my roommate and I that we needed to go the armory. The armory told us that we had to go to the junior high.

Good thing the line was short.
Bummed Beetle
What the fuck is with the new Panic At The Disco album? It's so blah.
10th-Feb-2008 10:12 pm - an internet hate machine no moar?
It's things like this that reminds me why I still have faith in humanity. Love Anonymous or hate it, you got to admit, they have a point. Knowledge is free, and so is religion.

And rock on, Bostonites, you make this Mainer proud. Now please learn to follow the fucking speed limit and how to stop at a crosswalk. Srsly.
14th-Dec-2007 08:17 am(no subject)
I got my first package at the new apartment. It was a coat. It is a very awesome coat, or, at least I thought it was until I realized that the dumbass I work with has one just like it.

Anyone care to recommend some new music? My iPod still has a shit load of room on it that needs filling.
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